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Starting Zeovit this weekend

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  • Starting Zeovit this weekend

    I will be starting my Zeovit this weekend and hope to get some advices from all of you who have experience in such system.

    Current tank parameters:
    pH = 8.3-8.4
    Kh = 7 - 8
    Calcium = 450 - 500
    Mag = never tested

    Tank capacity = just below 300L (net)

    Skimmer = remora pro
    MH = 1x 150w
    FL = 2x30W
    T5 = 2x39W
    total hours light on a day = 6 hours
    Refugium = yes
    UV = will remove when Zevoit start
    denitrator = will remove

    current problems:
    (1) have been battling with high nitrate for months. It has since come down to about 20, but can't seem to lower anymore, hence decide to use zevoit.
    (2) some sps have bleached from bottom and some alredy gone.

    (1) Heard that I don't need to use ZeoStart when starting the system?
    (2) Anyone can advise the correct dosing for my tank?
    (3) What are the things I should look out for when the system is up?
    (4) Do I need to remove the refugium?

    Many Thanks for your advice.

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    Hi Bluetang, congrats on starting the ZEOvit method You will need to ck. Mg levels, so a test kit is helpful. You're nutrients are very high for SPS, so work on mimimizing fish-feedings, increase export thru improved tank maintenance, WC's & wet skimming. Most certainly, you should use Start to help with nutrient reduction. Later, when in phase 3[5-10 mos] Start is less important. Dose 1/2ltr. zeolites initially, in a zeo-filter at ~50gph[200l/h]. A little more or less is fine. Clean the stones daily & change these after 4wks[thereafter, the interval increases to 6wks.] Cycle the filter at 3hr. intervals on & off. Dose 3/4 Cup carbon, passively in your sump. Exchange these every 4wks. Knead the carbon every other day. Dose bak/food7---3drops/3drops daily for the 1st 2wks., then 2x's/wk. Dose these near the intake pump of your zeo-filter. Dose Start .5ml 2x's/day. Read the "ZEOvit guide" at the top of this forum for effects of zeo-dosing & know these well. Use of a refugium, is optional, some leave it, most remove the refugium after a few wks.Bob
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      Phases in Zeovit

      Thanks Aged Salt. Heard that there are several phases in using Zeovit. As I am still new in this, would appreciate it if you could give some details of each pahse such as the duration of each pahse, what are the things to look out for and the dosing of each phase. txs


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        check the link out, is a post from bob about the phases 1-2-3.


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          Thanks Heinz, it is exactly what I am looking for.

          Currently I dose coral food such as plankton, rotifers and others about 2 or 3 times a week. So, when the Zeovit system is up and running, can I still dose these coral food?


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            B-T, no extra nutrient import is advisable as one is striving for ultra-low nutrient waters with ZEOvit. This is the centerpoint in which ZEOvit improves coral colors & growth. Also the possibility of fostering certain bacteria strains which are competing against the strains in ZeoBak exists & would be conterproductive. Bob
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              It has been almost 3 weeks since I started the Zeovit. In wk 1, 2 heads of hammer died and one sps rtn and another sps has light stn from the bottom, hope it can recover soon. Others LPS and SPS seem ok, but realise that my cleaner shrimp disappered! Good news is since then no other casualty. All these problems am not sure if it has to do with Zeovit. 3rd weeks into ZEOvit now and I have yet to notice any significant difference in my sps. Would hope to know how long it normally takes in order for ZEOvit to really has any effect on sps or overall health of the tank. tx


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                Hi BlueTang, plz. hold all zeo's for 5-7 days & can you give us all your parameters including Mg? Also your current nutrient levels & the appearances of your corals, thnx. Bob
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                  Water parameters as below:
                  Mag - 1050
                  KH - 7
                  Cal - 370
                  pH - 8.4
                  NO3 - 10 (drop a bit)

                  Both Mag and Cal are quite low. I will replace the ARM this weekend, hope to raise the Cal. As for mag, pls advise what is the best way to raise it. Another concern is the NO3 still quite high? I dose 0.5ml Zeostart daily. Should I increase the dosing so to battle the NO3? Now entering wk3, LPS open up ok but colour not much better. As for SPS, poly is opening but colour still very brown and with slight green.

                  Would appreciate any advice. txs


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                    Hi B-T, the most important area first to concentrate is the parameters: Ca>400/ Mg>1200/KH 7-8 at a salinity of 1.024-5. These may need monitoring daily until you're confident these parm's are stable. This is paramount for keeping SPS, with or w/o ZEOvit. Once stablized, the ZEOvit method can be effective with optimimizing nutrient influx. I recommend using Seachem's Reef Advantage Mg or Epsom salts to increase gradually your Mg level, then increase your Ca level with CaCl & maintain the Ca levels with either a Ca Rx or 2-part solutions. When using these to increase your levels, be mindful that they can affect your salinity level. If possible, divide your ZeoStart into 2 daily doses of .25ml, as this will decrease nutrients more efficiently. Bob
                    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"