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Any nano zeovit tanks?

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  • Any nano zeovit tanks?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the idea of zeovit, but based on all the pics of aquariums utilizing this method, I would say it works great! Anyways, I have a small 12 gallon reef tank, and I was thinking about setting up a small sps reef tank using the zeovit method. Has it ever been done? The only problem I can see would be the dosing requirements. I understand that most of the zeo products need to be dosed 1 drop per 25 gallons. Can these supplements (zeostart, zeobak, ect) be diluted, or would a 25 gallon aquarium be the smallest possible zeotank? Also, if anyone has a nano zeotank, please post a pic for fun. Thanks for your input, Harry
    PS. I attached a quick pic of the center of my 12 gallon nano, enjoy.
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    I would think you would be ok with 1 drop, you may want to dilute it but I would wait for Bob aka aged salt to answer, but I think you would be ok with 1 drop, and/or dose every other day instead of daily.


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      you will need a skimmer

      btw, your tank looks great


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        Hi Harry, sure, ZEOvit & nano's can be done together very easily, with superior results As Tim mentioned, a skimmer is necessary for using ZEOvit, but there's no reason to dilute the components, as you'll see in the following:
        1)dose 3 TBP's carbon, in a filter sock, kneaded 3x's/wk & changed-out monthly.
        2)dose 1/3 Cup zeolites in a filter sock in a HOB filter. Kneaded [shake] this bag vigorously once or twice a day. Exchange the stones in 6 wks.
        3)dose 1 drop Bak & Food7 every other day for 1 wk. then 1 drop each once a wk.
        4)dose 1 drop Start 3x's/wk, every week. Keep us updated on your progress, Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Thanks for everyone's input and comments.
          I actually have an Aqua C Remora on my 12 gallon, but I was thinking about setting up a different aquarium for sps only, sorry for the confusion. I understood that sps and softies don't get along well in tight quarters, so I wanted to set up a new tank just for sps using the zeovit method. I wanted to push the limits and try a 1 gallon nano tank by building a diy skimmer and putting the zeolith in a hob filter. I was thinking of putting 3 or 4 different color morphs of A. millipora frags as the sole inhabitants. That's the reason I asked about diluting the zeo products, cause even 1 drop would be way overdosing in such a small tank.
          Anyways, tell me if you think I am crazy and it can't be done. If it can't be done, I might just switch over my 12 gallon to zeovit, but I would like everyones opinion on mixing sps and softies before I make that change.

          Thanks again Bob, Tim, and Scott for the advice,


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            ...and if I were to scrap the idea of a new aquarium, and instead convert my current 12 gallon to zeo, would you recommend that I remove the bioballs from the filter? (the tank has a built in filter with bioballs, UniQuarium) My thinking is that the bioballs and zeolite bacteria would compete, creating problems. Let me know.
            Thanks, Harry


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              Yes, Harry, no bioballs are necessary when using the zeolites with Bak/Food7/Start2. BTW, a 1g system can easily be done--let me know if you end up going with this for dosing recommendations, thnx. Bob
              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                Thanks Bob,

                Just 2 more questions...

                In your opinion, can softies and sps be kept successfully in my current 12 gallon reef aquarium, or will I create a warzone of chemical warfare between the corals that even activated carbon can't control?

                What are the dosing requirements for a 1 gallon zeo tank?

                Again, thanks for your help Bob, Harry