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  • Edward..

    How deep is the sandbed in your ZEO tank? It looks so white! How much flow are you pushing through there? I'd like a sandbed in my cube, but I'm afraid I'll have too much flow for it. Maybe I can do a dry run with a little sand to determine if I can handle sand or not. Any reason you didn't do BB?

    Can we get some more pictures?!

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    Sorry.. no pics right now. I rearranged some items and also took more rocks out. I have had a DSB for a while and it was pretty thick... i took a lot out since then and if I had a choice, I would go SSB. Right now, I cant since everything is in its right place and becasue I have PCV plumbing underneath some some sand that may get exposed causing the "yuck" response. I keep my sand clean with conch's. Nothing else. Its always clean. I also dotn have any dead spots. Make sure you get flow everywhere around your tank and under your rocks.


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      How much flow do you have those?

      I'd like you to look at my tank design before I give it to Kevin to build and let me know if you think its possible to do a SSB.