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New 375gal Zeo Tank

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  • New 375gal Zeo Tank

    Hi all,

    I posted this on RC and wanted to show off my new 375 gal tank here as well. I started dosing Zeobak and food to the live rock a few weeks ago and now have 2 liters (I know, not enough but that's all my reactor will hold) of zeolith in the tank.

    I've had many delays lately, most weren't completely my fault:

    1. Wrong plumbing fittings that took 2 weeks to reorder because they were backordered.

    2. Leaky Ocean Motion (was very old). Paul at Oceans Motions took great care of me and fixed the problem.

    3. Leaky Sequence Dart. MDM replaced the pump.

    Anyways, now all the plumbing is complete and I'm pretty happy with it. Here are a few pics:

    The Ocean Motion 4-way over a Sequence Dart. I originally had a version 1 drum, but the back pressure caused the magnets to slip occasionally (possibly because I reduced the output to 1" at the very end) so I modified the drum to a version 3 and now it works like a charm:

    A pic of the drains, CL intake and one output as well as the back of the power panel:

    The power panel under the tank. I still need to dress the cables:

    After the freshwater wet test (only 1 leak I can call my own that was easily fixed), I filled the tank with natural Catalina saltwater - it took about 400 gallons for the whole system. I let the tank run for a week with no rock to give me time to install the skimmer (Grotech 300) and get the autotop off and other things in the sump ready.

    The big day finally came on Saturday - Aquascaping! I started by taping out my tank dimensions on my garage floor and mocking up what I wanted there. This pic is pretty close to the final base, it gives a good idea of the available depth:

    Once I got the mockup signed off by my wife, I tried my best to recreate it in the tank. I used acrylic rods and 1/2" pvc to keep most of the base pieces off the bottom. I was able to hide these in most cases, but their not intrusive for the most part. These pics were taken with the VHO's on (I apologize for the poor quality and many reflections).

    Full frontal (hanging lights still askew as I haven't lowered them yet):

    Closer pic of the ceramic pillars in front (you can see my wife peeking thru):

    Full back pic:

    Another pic from the back looking thru one of the crevices:

    I'll take some pics of the sump and post them in the next few days.

    The tank really surpassed my expectations on how beautiful it's turned out - even with no live stock (except a few disposable frags). It looks awesome from my dinner table

    Left to do:

    1. Cabinetry: measurements taken, just waiting for Greg to comlete.

    2. Calc Reactor install: Got the Jetstream1 plumbed and ready to go, just need final adjustments.

    3. Program Aquacontroller II: Need to read the manual.

    4. Lots of clean up: reroute, and dress power cords, label things, etc.


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    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the idea you did for the garage floor on the aquascape! im going to have to use that idea as I dont want any rocks falling in my tank instead. Keep the pics coming! By the way, beautiful wife!!


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      dang that reef ceramics stuff looks really good!
      Proud owner of an Elegance Coral "that lived". (It is thriving whith long tentacle tips...purchased in January 2005.) It has white tentacle tips, I beleive this has something to do with ones that will typically live due to the collection site.


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        Nice job, looks like a well thought out project.

        Dave B
        400g SPS Reef - 33g Surge - +30k gph Flow - Lots of DIY / 1100g Outdoor SPS System / 280g FO Watch my Reef Tank, LIVE!!!


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          Good job !!!!

          2000 - gallon saltwater


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            Art, thanx for posting, it looks really nice and clean, i can tell a lot of thought went in to planing, do you know how much those pillar riffkeramik weigh ?


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              Thanks for the comments all.

              Heinz, I'm not sure but I think the 24" tall one was around 10-12lbs. They seemed to be in line with live rock of the same size (but much lighter than the dry base rock that I bought). The 18" piller was actually getting pushed around a bit in the current until I butted it up next to the larger one.



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                very nice I like the seperate structures


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                  Wow that looks fantastic. James built that tank, right? If not, it is a piece of art.

                  I was ordering the RC for my back wall only, those pillars look great. Guess I'll be revising my order.

                  Aren't you getting a BK also?


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                    Yes, James did an awesome job on the tank - I really can't be happier. The pillars are also the focal point of the tank. The first time I saw them I knew I had to have them in my tank (even without knowing the cost).

                    I did have a BK400 Int on order for about 6 months, but couldn't wait any longer so decided to buy a Grotech 300 instead (at a very good deal). This skimmer is also way overkill for my tank so I'm happy.


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                      Awesome looking setup. I really like the power plug area. Busy trying to do this for my system but will be using an old computer case for everything including ballasts etc. Aquascape is very cool. Can't wait to see this one grow up.

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                        Originally posted by CurvBall
                        Awesome looking setup. I really like the power plug area. Busy trying to do this for my system but will be using an old computer case for everything including ballasts etc. Aquascape is very cool. Can't wait to see this one grow up.
                        Curvball, thanks - I can't wait to see it grow up either, but it's going to very slow as this thing has depleted my budget for years to come :worried:


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                          Art the tank looks great! I really like the power supply area. Very clean! Keep up the awesome work and you will have a beautiful tank in no time.


                          "Water is the driving force of all nature"
                          Leonardo da Vinci


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                            very nice tank. Love the way you plan out your aquascape.


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                              Love the tank and the aquascaping and dat tank is a monster!

                              Love the electrical bits too!

                              1 question tho, isnt it a bit dangerous to have the ballasts so close to all those saltwater carrying pipes?

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