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Fish and bio load

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  • Fish and bio load

    Can someone direct me to where there is some information on recommended fish and/or bioload when using Zeo.
    I was having a discussion with a fellow reefer over the weekend and he said that if you are using the zeo system you can only keep a very very lightly stocked tank because of the potential to introduce too much waste into a nutrient poor system via feeding and fish poop.
    I did not think this was true but for the life of me I cannot find where it talks about this.

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    Not sure if these are a lot of fish or not. I keep the following fish in my 320 gal. system:

    2 x Zebrasoma xanthurus
    1 x Acanthurus leucosternon
    1 x Lo vulpinus
    4 x Apogon leptacanthus
    3 x Pseudochromis fridmani
    4 x Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
    1 x Pseudocheilinus tetraenia
    1 x Parachellinus octataenia
    3 x Pereleotris evidis
    8 x Chromis viridis

    Looking forward to get more of the leptacanthus in the future. I feel adding additional fish would not turn my corals into problems but IMO probably to much fish will not look very natural in such a small tank. IMO this all depends to the husbandry, adopted dosage and the strength of the skimmer. It has to be a well balanced system between importing and exporting nutrients.

    Looking forward to see the fish list of some other members.