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  • real new to zeovit

    Having minimal success in keeping wild coral close to the color that it was when I got it I decided to try zeovit. what a surprise on a zeovit site. So far however my phosphates have really increased to much higher levels that I was used to, exactly the opposite from what I expected. The tanks is a 265 gal sps,bare bottom, two tunze, bubble king 3000. I think there could be a little more water flow however. I need to wipe the glass every day, I really am getting a little concerned about this new method. The old was Ozone, Phos Ban, and the water was really clear, but the corals did seem to brown out except some of the purple ones.

    Do any of the basic zeovit products raise phosphate? Temporally etc, the rock is 11 months old, the tanks was previously set up for 5 years. Possibly there is hidden phosphate in the rock. I just can not seem to figure it out, I also have not fed the tank more than 4 cubes of food in the last 3 weeks. any help or direction to a good thread is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Ed, Madison asked me to help with your dilemma. You're right, rising nutrients in the face of using ZEOvit is not typical, but can occur with P04-leaching from your LR/LS or of course, overfeeding with a too high of bioload, such as more than one lg angel in your reef. Ed, in order to help pinpoint this more precisely, I need to know:
    1)your net water vol. & current, exact parameter levels
    2)your present nutrient levels
    3)your present zeo-dosages of everything placed in your reef, including the quantities of carbon & zeolites & the filter flow-rate, Bac/Food/Start one or two/ any & all zeo-supplements.
    4) present # of fish & list any over 2". Thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      I really appreciate your generous offer and will get back to you. I have identified the mystery phosphate problem. My ro/di is producing less than desirable water. I will have to get a new resin cartridge and possibly a new membrane. At this point the phosphates are .5 ppm, wow. Do you think the zeovit has the capacity to remove this amount from this tank or should I scurry and redo my ro. Add phos ban etc.

      I have a well and the water is not really great unprocessed,
      Thanks again I will let you know the progress after a bit.


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        Hi Ed, I'm glad to see that you have narrowed it down to the RO unit. I didn't think to ask about that when we talked yesterday. That has happened to me before and it definately turned my corals colors I didn't like

        ZEO can remove the phosphate you just introduced (ro water) but if you keep adding this bad water, zeo probably won't be able to keep up. The zeovit system is designed to remove the nutrients gradually and safely so it's hard to keep up if you are adding in more phosphate than zeovit can remove. I strongly suggest getting the RO/DI unit working properly and you should see results. It's still a good idea to post your tank params like Bob suggested so we can be sure you are on the best path for success.