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  • GTR
    The heavy brown film could just be from the AA's and such and maybe not from the basics.

    As you browse around the forum here you will find that not all tanks will have the same needs. That's why the forum was started.

    What are your phosphate and nitrate readings? That'll help others guide you.


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  • Playin' it Cool
    started a topic dosing questions

    dosing questions

    I'm having a hard time figuring out how much to dose my system. I read through the zeovit guide and figured up the recommended dosing amounts for my system. When I told Dustin Y what the manual's recommendations came up to for my tank he said they were way off and gave me different doses to use. I trust what he says, but I'm just looking for some verification. I'm very happy with the colors I've been getting, but I'm also getting a brown film on the glass (I figure overdosing). It seams like the manual, the labels on the bottles, and the advise I've been getting all contradict. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a 65 gal tank with a 10 - 15 gal sump, and 65 lb of live rock (soon to add another 40lbs.) I have been dosing the zeo start 2, food 7, and bac for the past month, and did my first rock change this past sunday. I just started dosing the amino acids, iron concentrate, and potassiumiodide fluoride this week. Again, Dustin recommends different dosing than what the bottle calls for. What I dont understand is that it sounds like I should be dosing different amounts at different phases, so how can I trust what is on the label? Please help, I'm impressed with what zeovit can do, but dont feel secure with the amounts I'm using.