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I need help deciding on a good size...

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  • I need help deciding on a good size...

    Hes the quick run down. I had contacted a builder and intended to go with a 24x24x20 cube for my new SPS tank. However, I've know signed a contract with the United State's Marine Corp and in the summer I'll be going to OCS. As it stands I have roughly 2 years before I can be deployed, but chances are, I will be deployed once my training is done. So a big tank is out of the question, as much as I love this hobby I can't be lugging that around.

    So I'd like to make a smaller SPS tank that I could keep at school with me and then easily move it to say my brother's apartment when I go to OCS.

    What do you guys think would be a good size of a tank? I was thinking maybe 12x12x12 or maybe even 12x12x20. I'd really like to have some piece of reef in my house when I come home that I can enjoy. I just don't want something huge. I'm not sure what I define as huge though? Maybe 30 gallons? In that case I could do 20x20x20, but I think I'd rather go smaller..

    Anyone have any advice?

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    does your brother know he's going to babysit your tank? Does he care how big it is and does he know the kind of time it will take him to maintain it?

    Maybe you should look at those jbj nano cubes.


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      I got a jbj nano and he is already watching it. It's just a softie tank though. I'd like to have more flow and better lighting so I can do SPS. It's hard to get those JBJs SPS ready.


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        Generally, the smaller the water volume , the harder it will be to maintain the parameters in-line and it will be more difficult for your bro to maintain it especially when it comes to SPS. Is he into the hobby? He needs to be to successfully babysit the tank for you cos we all know it aint easy..

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          Once you settle the babysitting issues, I would look at what type of standard tanks you can get easily. I have an Oceanic 37 gallon cube in my office (well, not an exact cube) that is a great size. I have a 250 watt MH about 8" over the tank and don't have any overheating issues.

          Having a smaller tank though is much harder. I actually do just about as much maintenance on my office tank as I do on my 450 gallon home tank. It's definitely not proportional.