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Alveopora ok in Zeo?

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  • Alveopora ok in Zeo?

    Has anyone kept softies like hammer, frogspawn, favia, goniopora/alveopora in SPS tank using zeovit w/ success?
    I've kept my alveopora for over 4 years using dsb w/ refugium, and I don't want to loose it.
    Do you think I'm going to starve my lps corals?
    Target feed cyclopeez using syringe?
    I've already removed my refugium and thinking of going bb w/ starboard.


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    I losted most of my cultured alveopora frags when I removed sand from the refugium and started to use more agresive aproach to water clarity (carbon,rowa..).Interestingly,alveoporas what was located in shade survived and dont have any problems but every frags what was in lit position die.
    Be careful with the suden changes (sand removal,increased water clarity...).
    My friend have zeo tank mostly with lps corals without problem.
    Regarding starving lps corals,I have mostly lps corals and last few years I never direct feed them nor I have dsb,all my lps corals live and grow from flake food,light,detritus and bacteria present in the tank.


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      I've had alveopora for about 2 years and it is doing well as far as I can tell. I've used ZEO since July 2004. I agree with Blue on lighting, I've always kept mine on the bottom (30 tall tank) or have it at the far end of the tank and not under direct MH if closer to the top.
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