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Red Planaria Flatworms

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  • Red Planaria Flatworms

    When I started zeovit all my flatworms vanished, but just been looking at the tank, and yikes! They're back! Some big ones too!
    Not sure if it has to do with some new corals I just put in a couple of days ago, but I've syphoned many of them, and will do FE treatment.
    BTW I'm not talking about acro eating ones, just the ordinary old red ones.

    The question is, do I leave the zeo rocks in the tank during treatment? Other than that, anything else I need to know?
    I've used FE before and have a reasonable understanding of it, just really need advice on anything I should know about it pertaining to it's use in a zeovit tank.

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    I just dosed Salifert Flatworm exit and that stuff is GREAT! Killed them all in less than an hour! But i'm not using zeo (yet).