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Refugium with DSB and ZEO!!!!

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  • Refugium with DSB and ZEO!!!!

    Hi everybody,
    I'm Marco from Italy, first of all I wanna say "Thank you" to the creators of this amazing ZEO forum.

    And now my first thread,

    I'm starting my 130 gal cube tank driven by ZEOVit system, my idea is also to link the system with a DSB/refugium that will be useful, IMO, to enrich the micro fauna of the system.

    After few posts where ZEO users are opposite to use a refugiun in a Zeovit system I just wanna know your opinion and you suggestions.


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    Marco, i recently posted a concern about my refugium.. and I also have a DSB. You may want to read it:


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      Thanks invincible569 I'll check for your post.


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        and now invincible ..... what you can tell me about your funge, has been definitively disconnected from your system or not?

        Did you used any critters (sea cucumber. hermit crabs....) in your funge to clean and move the substrate to prevent the junk release or it was just populated with roks and algea as a natural filter?

        Now, I'm absolutely confused......... what I should do..... funge or not funge, DSB funge or BB funge, an helping hand will be really appreciate in order to prevent stupid error that can affect whole system.