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  • Marine Ornamentals 2006

    Greetings All !

    I stumbled across this a few minutes ago ...

    Marine Ornamentals '06

    4th International Conference for the Marine Ornamental Community


    February 13-16, 2006 Las Vegas, Nevada

    Marine Ornamentals '06 (MO'06), is the 4th in a series of conferences for the marine ornamentals community to come together to discuss critical issues that will determine the industry's future. MO'06 is being held February 13-16, 2006, as a special session of Aquaculture America 2006, the Annual Meeting of the U.S. Aquaculture Society. This unique collaboration of events creates an opportunity for all facets of the marine ornamentals industry to interact with aquaculture professionals from the U.S. and around the world.

    MO'06 sessions will run concurrently with Aquaculture America 2006 (AA'06) sessions for three days (February 14-16, 2006) and attendees at MO'06 will be able to readily attend AQ'06 sessions, as well as the single Trade Show and Exposition, with their registration. The spectacular facilities of the Riviera Hotel and Casino will provide MO'06 a distinct location within the AA'06 festivities for its sessions; that will be themed and organized, as with previous MO conferences.

    MO'06 ORGANIZERS - Conference Co-Chairs Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec, Marineland Laboratories and Paul Holthus, Marine Aquarium Council. Conference Program Chair Craig Watson, Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory, University of Florida.

    Other members of the committee: John Corbin, Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program; James Cato, Florida Sea Grant Program; Steve Hopkins, Rain Garden Ornamentals; Clyde Tamaru, Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Program; Leonard Young, Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program.

    Sponsors: National Sea Grant Program, Florida Sea Grant, Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program, Hawaii Sea Grant College Program

    Contributors: North Carolina Sea Grant, Oregon Sea Grant, Virginia Sea Grant, New York Sea Grant, Texas Sea Grant, South Carolina Sea Grant

    CONFERENCE GOAL - This conference is designed to contribute to the worldwide goal of creating an economically and environmentally viable future for the dynamic marine ornamentals industry and its diverse clientele by:

    1. Improving the methods for the collection, distribution, and management of wild marine ornamental species;
    2. Increasing the variety, quantity and availability of cultured marine ornamental species;
    3. Encouraging education and outreach activities in the husbandry and conservation of marine ornamental species.

    The Call For Papers deadline is OCTOBER 15, 2005. For more information on submitting papers, hotel rates, and trade show contact:

    Conference Manager, 2423 Fallbrook Place, Escondido, CA 92027 USA
    Tel: +1-760-432-4270 Fax: 1-760-432-4275 E-mail: [email protected]

    Current information can be found at:

    To submit ideas for special sessions etc. contact the co-chairs at [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

    This MO again promises to bring together industry, academic and government interests together to learn about and discuss the most current concerns governing collection, culture and conservation of marine ornamentals around the world. Put MO '06 on your calendar and hope to see you there.

    Extracted from:

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    Awesome. Thanks for the news