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frag grow-out/stock tank

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  • frag grow-out/stock tank

    I have a small internet business that is starting to grow. I need more room to hold stock and frags. I'd like to set it up using ZEOvit, but I'm not quite sure how. Tell me how this would work.
    If I set up a reefready tank w/out lr and put a skimmer, cal reactor, and ZEOvit, will that be enough to maintain the tank? I'm wanting to put eggcrate stairstepped throughout the tank for optimum space. Any help would be appreciated.

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    It will work without live rock but I suggest using "some" just for added filtration. Just put the live rock under the eggcrate or in the sump


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      I figured I'd probably have to use some lr. But this is one thing I was thinking about doing- buying one of those 100+ gallon tubs from a Tractor Supply, filling the base up w/lr, adding eggcrate 10" below the surface of the water w/a sump of course w/ZEOvit, cal reactor, and skimmer. Will the lr get enough light or does it need light? The eggcrate and corals will be above it.


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        does not need light at all..... since you do NOT need macro algae witht he zeo system!

        you will be very happy!

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          that sounds like a good plan. You don't need light on it. The bacteria don't mind


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            I would put the LR in the sump so that you can do siphoning of the detritus that the rocks shed without disturbing the Frags at the grow-out tank

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              LR in the sump is the way to go!
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