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Do I Need to Modify my Dosing?

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  • Do I Need to Modify my Dosing?

    I posted this reply in Brad's thread about cutting back on his dosing, but to insure that Agedsalt (and others) see it I opened a new thread. . .

    I'm on my fourth set of Zeolits, so I guess that means I've been on the program for about 6 months. When I started, I estimated total system volume to be about 100 gallons, and my regimen has always been 1/2 liter stones, 2 drops bac, 2 drops food, and 1ml start1, with the bac/food being dosed twice a week after stone change and start1 dosed daily.

    About 2-3 months ago I increased my sump size to a 40 gal breeder, getting rid of the M-mud in the process so now I have an estimated 120 gallon volume.

    Recently (for the last 1-2 months) I've had a recurrence of macro in the display (halimeda and caulerpa) along with some reddish algae that looks like red fibers. I'm sure this is related to my dosing as all my organics are immeasureable. In addition, I switched to start2 about a month ago.

    Any suggestions? I have a stone change-out coming up in 2 weeks. . .

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    with 120 gallons you can use around 1 liter of zeolites, up to 1.25 liters. Other than that you might cut down your start2 dosage in half and see if the red algae goes away.

    The halimeda is a calcifying algae, meaning it uses calcium. It is not nutrient dependent and shouldn't be used as a guide. However, the caulerpa is nutrient dependent.

    What are your water paramaters right now?


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      NO2, NO3, and PO4 are all 0.
      PH = 7.97
      ALK = 7.6
      Mg = 1410
      Ca = 460
      SG = 1.024

      All tests Salifert except PH which is Pinpoint monitor. SG is refractometer.