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overdose and green/brown algae

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  • overdose and green/brown algae

    On 22nd Jan I accidentally dose 1/2 a bottle (small bottle) of zeobak.

    Now there are some green/brown film just above the water line.

    Could this be caused by the zeobak overdose?

    I suspect the algae growing there was nutrients floats on the water surface, then the waves action would cause the layer of nutrients to "coat" the glass surface and this leads to some green/brown film which is some sort of algae.

    Tank volume is abt 100gallon and currently dosage of bak/food/start at 2/2/1ml (start 1ml 2 times a day), currently into the 5th week of the zeolites so bak/food is dose twice a week.

    NO3 undetectable and PO4 0.04ppm with Hanna PO4 meter.

    All corals has no signs of overdose and no signs of brown/green film anywhere else in the aquarium.

    Perhaps I should ease off zeobak dosing till the brown/green stuffs clears away.

    Should I stop zeofood dosage as well?

    Any advise appreciated.

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    Hi losmandy, you're on the right trail. Hold bak/food7 for one dose. Also hold Start for 4 days[4 doses]. Begin bak/food7 at the same doseage[2 drops/2 drops] 2x's/wk, but reduce Start by 1/2 quantity, dosed daily again. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"