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Ok i've had it with nitrates

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  • Ok i've had it with nitrates

    So after trying everything i can think of to bring my nitrates down.they just stay at 20.So i'm going to give AZNO3 a try to get the nitrates more in line with the phosfates (0) so either the ZEO or Algea can keep it down.
    My question is should i stop dosing Zeo completely or just go to a half dosage?I'm kinda worried about dosing both products in the tank at the same time,But on the other hand really nothing to lose anymore.

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    A couple of years ago when my nitrates were up around 5, I started the following which started to help...
    -Increased weekly water changes to 10%
    -Decreased fish feeding to every other day or 2 of 3 days.
    -started to go bare bottom by removing aragonite rock.
    -bought a more powerful skimmer and wet skimmed.

    This was all pre-zeo. Now my nitrates are non-detectable and they stay that way.


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      How long have you been using the zeovit system?


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        headed for my 3rd change out.dosing is as requred for a 150g tank.i can say that phos is nil.

        I have been dealing with nitrate for months now.Also ive been in this hobby for about 7-8 years so my feeding is is fish load 4 to a 125g
        I have not really been feeding my fish at all for 2 mos now.
        I change 15g week.and have for 8 mos.Other than alittle cyno there is no aglea in my are clean.

        I run a ASM G3 skimmer wet.
        I think my rocks are the cause of the nitrates, i have done massive water changes and still the nitrates plan is to use the AZNO3 to bring the nitrates to 0(if it will)and see if they rise right back up again.or if they will remain stable @ 0 with or without Zeo.I figure if they rise back up, then my 7 yr old rocks are in need of replacement.
        Also these rocks came from a 90g that ran for yrs, it was a great tank intill about the 6th year things went down hill i blamed the DSB for the crash.And up graded to the 125g using the same rock and some new.needless to say this tank has been a nightmare since set up 1 yr ago as a BB tank.


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          Hi Coralguy, thnx. for the added info. Plz. do not use AzoN03 with ZEOvit. I recommend trying for 2 wks. the following:
          1)add another 1/2ltr. zeolites to your present quantity. Increase the flow rate a little also. Operate the filter continuously & pump clean the stones 4 x's/day
          2) increase the carbon by 1/2 Cup--be sure to knead it 3 x's/wk
          3)double the quantity of Bak/Food7
          4)no change in Start2
          5)hold AAHC or any other zeo-supplements for this 2 wk. period
          6) turkey bast your rocks daily.
          Post-up again in 2wks. Thnx. Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"