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  • Need Help Lowering Alk

    Hello all......

    I am having a difficult time lowering my Alk levels.

    I just tested all my water parameters and got the following

    Ca - 450
    Alk - 12.2 dkh (4.34meq/l)
    Mg - 1350 (just added zeomg to my reactor yesterday)
    Sg- 1.026
    PO4 - 0
    NO3 - 0

    I just increased the effluent rate to a pretty heavy stream and decreased the CO2 bubbles. I think the high Alk may be contributing to my washed out colors in some of my SPS.

    Any ideas?

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    well this is what i aways did when i make a mistake and end up high alk...
    i just off the C02.. simple as that.. and let my Alk slowly drop and then once in idea range 7~8, then i will on my C02 but with must less bubble count and tune to stable condition
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      Alk will go down on its own if you add less than is used, so either run your CO2 very slowly or turn it off for a while.

      Don't be too worried, 12dkh is not toxic
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        or water changes.


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          Edward, with a good salt this is IMO the best technique to rebuild a balanced environment.

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            Hi Jim, I would also turn off the C02 & allow the KH to decrease all the while doing copious WC's to allow normal ionic balance in your water composition. It may take a wk. or more for the KH be get back inline. Bob
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              Ok I am going to turn the CO2 down a bit and keep the effluent drip back to where it was. It seems that when I increase the effluent and the C02 at the same time it runs forever because the PH in the chamber never gets to 6.6-6.7. I also do water changes every two weeks so I guess I am a little confused why the ALK is still so high.



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                Jim, be sure to check the alk. in your saltmix, as some batches can vary from the norm. Also running the Ca Rx "too hard" can elevate alk. If your saltmix is not high in KH then WC's with will help lower the alkilinity. Jim try to right the alk within the next few wks. as your nutrients will continue to be lower, the higher alk. becomes more critical to the coral health. Bob
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                  I am using Tropic Marin Pro Reef right now. I just did a 20g water change. I will check it here in a few minutes and report back. I did turn the C02 way down from where it was plus I slowed down the effluent so the chamber can reach a ph of 6.7.

                  I am sure everything will work out. I must say that although its only been three weeks I am very impressed with the results!


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                    Now you guys have got me confused...
                    I had thought that a ca reactor always put out ca and alk in the correct balance to each other. In other words, the ratio of one to the other would stay pretty much the same.
                    Bob are you saying if you turn up the Co2 to much, it can actually produce more alk relative to calcium?


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                      Alastair, no it's possibly one of the reasons I used above to explain Jim's inability to lower the KH to NSW levels. Bob
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                        Thanks, thought so.
                        In that case, an easy fix would be to turn off the reactor for a day or two and add some calcium?


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                          Alastair, yes, but Ca additions would be used only if the Ca level dropped too low[<350]Bob
                          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"