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zeovit & hyposalinity treatment?

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  • zeovit & hyposalinity treatment?

    Hi All,
    Is there any reason why zeovit would not work in a quaranteen system? I am treating a fish for marine ich using the hyposalinity treatment. I will be droping salinity between 12-14ppt for a period of 4-6 weeks to break the cryptocarin life cycle. I took some stones from my main display when I started the quaranteen as well as a good portion of the water to fill the QT tank. Currently I have a hang on bio filter w/ zeolith in a bag as well as carbon where the filter cartridges would slide into the filter. In addition I will add a skimmer in the next week. I am currently adding bac and food, 1 drop everyother day for the next week when I will start doseing 2x's per week. When I get the skimmer I will start w/ 2drops (1am/pm) per day of start2.
    Is there any reason why zeo bacteria would not survive w/ such a low salinity? Would doseing be the same w/ such a low salinity?
    This is a 10g. tank and I am dropping the salinity over the course of about 3 days or so. I am siphoning 1g. AM and 1g. PM every 12 hrs. until I reach 12-14ppt.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Take Care,

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    Chad, salinity does not play a roll with the additives. You should try to get a “big” surface area which for example is possible by placing and leaving the exhausted zeolite in the system.

    If you dose any medicine in the tank, I would not recommend to use the system. Otherwise it should be fine.

    Good luck with the procedure,



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      Chad, the skimmer would have some problems skimming at such low salinity.

      You might like to consider extending the hyposalinity treatment to full 8 weeks as I've experienced ich re-occuring when i raise the salinity after 6 weeks.

      When you lower your salinity, remember to raise and keep the kH of the tank to 10 dk, this might not work well with zeovit. But as the pH tends to fall easily under low salinity the higher kH is meant to help keep the pH of the tank stable to ard 8.1 to 8.3
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        Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Greatly appreciated. No worries w/ addition of chemicals. I've used this method of treatment before and it has worked flawlessly. Just never w/ zeo filtration.
        Take Care,