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  • Friend or Foe ????

    Hi there guys,

    I just caught this little crab under on of my milli’s and was lucky enough to grab him, I am pretty sure that he does not belong in my reef but just wanted to double check before I send him to death row. :destroy:

    Sorry the picture is not so good, he looks like a dessert army camouflage crab with kind of hairy legs and what looks like a false set of pincers on is rear end, pretty sure a camo disguise.

    Please let me know what you think?




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    Death row it is.....


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      Christiaan, I think it is not to friendly to corals

      My experience with the Acro crabs are the hairy guys eat polyps, tissue and are also able to make the skeleton thinner.



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        Wow that's a cool crab. I concur with judge Jeff's sentence though...
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          Cool Guys, thanks for the info........

          To the chambers he goes .......... :chainsaw:

          :shoot5: :shoot5:


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            Did I just hear a flushing sound?


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              To bad you couldn't take him to the LFS.. He looks pretty cool and colorful... Wonder how he would do in a FOWLR...


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                well i have not flushed him yet, he is sitting in a cup, do you think he would spawn if i put him in the fuge? Or is that just asking for trouble?


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                  I do not think he would spawn on his own.. May be wrong but I would not see a problem with keeping him in the fuge...


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                    I have a better idea

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                    ...Charles F. Kettering


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                      I have a better idea
                      Steve, I wonder if it's hard shell or soft shell crab...either way, I am getting hungry...
                      Fish eat poop....tastes just like chicken.


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                        cool man


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                          I'd just rid it ASAP. I made the mistake of putting the gorilla crab I caught in my sump because it was a very neat lil' guy. Well, I kept lr in my sump and one day I need a piece to mount a frag and back in the main tank that darn crab went! It grew and grew and grew, and wiped out my cleanup crew before I was fortunate to capture it again over a year later. If you do decide to put it in the sump, just make sure if you take anything out of the sump and into the main tank, that that critter isn't in it.