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NO3 and PO4

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  • NO3 and PO4

    Which does have more effect to SPS coloration between NO3 & PO4..?

    Of course I definately know both are very important factor to maintain

    SPS original color..But I wanna ask to my experts about this question from

    long time ago....

    Just curious..

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    I think a combination of both.But really depends on the an example.i just found out i have a bad nitrate test kit ,that always read 5 when really it's been 15 to 25 maybe for about 3 mos now.i have a salifert phos test that reads 0 i'm alittle leary about that reading, but i dont really have any algea issues so maybe its correct.
    But while most of my SPS have turned brown with little color.i have another that is a bright blue/green and seems to be getting more intense weekly.Also a robusto that is bright green.and a nice yellow birds nest.So for me i wonder why these corals look so nice when there water conditions are not so nice for now.