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Zeovit user thinking about stopping the use of Zeo

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  • Zeovit user thinking about stopping the use of Zeo

    I'll be upgrading to a much larger tank in a couple months. And I'm thinking about stopping the use of Zeovit. I won't be able to afford the method on the new tank. Or the maintence. I have a new bottle of 10ml bak, a bottle of bak/food, start1 and start2,and a few other additives barely used. Also have a nice Zeo reactor that holds up to 3 litres of zeo rock. If anyone maybe interested in purchasing these from me drop me an email.

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    Hi Fonda, oh no you don't You have PM. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      lol.. got it and sent you one back.


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        How are you?


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          Hi Sean,

          Doing great! And yourself? Got a new tank setup yet?


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            Nope no new tank, I got some premium rock coming in for my nano, I'm going to set it up with just zoas and rics and when I move into my new apartment look into getting a new tank.

            I'm finally getting a grip on my bills and I'm officially instate now, so I just saved myself 4K on tution, then I got HOPE, so now I'm saving like 6K on tution, so...that's less that has to go to the school and more for my tank

            Have you had your new tank built yet? When you do I'd love to swing by and look at it, he gave me an awesome quote on a cube and I'm sure I'm going to go with him, I just want to be sure I can afford the cube, light and pumps all at once, so I can ad least just run water and rock in it. And yes, I said swing by, I'm trying to survive a Statesboro summer

            I hope all is well over there in Claxton!


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              Hi Sean, no the new tank is not built yet. But soon. We are still working on getting the room built for it. And you are welcome to swing by to see it when alls ready.
              Thanks to Bob I'm going to hang in there with the Zeovit. So I'm still a Zeohead.