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zeovit problems with yumas?

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  • zeovit problems with yumas?

    I've had a horrible problem with keeping yumas alive. I've had a pretty good track record with keeping corals alive so far; of course, there are always going to be losses, but I have been able to keep all of my "difficult" sps corals alive--haven't lost one yet!

    However, I have the opposite problem with yumas--I haven't been able to keep ANY of them alive. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is, and I'm wondering if anyone who uses zeovit has had the same problem. I've had no problems with my florida ricordeas, only the yumas. What has happened so far is that I'll get the yumas, place them on the bottom of my tank, they'll expand beautifully for a couple of weeks, then they'll disintegrate slowly--the mesenterial fillaments will start coming out of the mouth, then lots of mucous is produced, and small pieces of the yuma start breaking off until there's nothing left. This really stinks, as I think yumas are some of the most beautiful things you can put in your tank.

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    boy i hope that doesnt happen to mine. i have only been using the zeovit for a month now and the yuma that i have is still fine, along with the florida rics too. so i dont know? but i just wanted to tell you that i still have mine after a month. no other changes though, in your system or what you do?