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Old rocks and Cupramine copper

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  • Old rocks and Cupramine copper

    I'm changing zeorocks today in the main tank.
    Currently I have some fish in a QT being treated with Seachem Cupramine for marine velvet. There is no filtration in the QT other than a powerhead, it is getting a 50% water change daily.
    Could I dump the old zeorocks into the QT? Thought it may add a little to the filtration.
    The only doubt I have about this is on the cupramine bottle it says certain things cannot be added to the water as they can cause the cupramine form of copper to change into a much more toxic to fish form. Doubt this would apply to zeo rocks, but thought I would ask, if anybody may have any knowledge / experience, with this.

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    Alastair, I have no experience with this but my concern would be the copper will make all the bacteria die, which will cause a dramatic situation in the tank. Remember the zeolite is covered with a thick bacterial film. I would recommend to wait with it, after the copper level has gone back to normal.



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      Good point. I'll leave it.