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    How to stop zeovit system?

    It's the end of the zeovit in my tank after one year of use.
    Why? simply because I do not find that the results are with the height of the problems which one can encounter with this system.
    <'))))< Pascal >(((('>

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    If you want to stop, you just stop. No harm done.
    But don't throw everything away, after a time without Zeovit, you may decide to re-start. I know I would definately not want to go back to how my tank looked before I started zeovit.
    I know one guy who had some problems when he first tried Zeovit. He gave up for a couple of years, but now he is using it again, but at 1/4 the recomended dose of everything. This seems to be working for him.
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      Hi Pascal, I understand your frustration, but after 1 yr. on the ZEOvit method myself, I can tell you two things:
      1) your system is very low in nutrients, for which we strive for your corals, in order to define coral coloration & growth.
      2)you are very close to exacting the correct dosages now that your system is in this low-nutrient situation. Please see my PM, thnx. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"