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  • Dosing Update Request

    I’ve just started a new round of zeoliths and I thought it time to reconfirm my dosing schedule. Here’s the current abbreviated “state of the tank”. All advice appreciated.

    Net water volume 200 gal. (140 gal tank w/BIG sump)

    PO4 and NO3 are non detectable, Ca 450, Alk 8.0, Mg 1335 (Salifert)

    Dosing: Start 2 - 0.2ml 2x per day (I’ve had to decrease significantly to reduce the diatom blooms), AA 4 drops 2x/wk, PIFI 4 drops 2x/wk, Fe 2 drops 2x/wk, ME 20ml 1x/wk, Spur 1.8ml 1x every 2 wks. Zbac 6 drops 2x/wk, zfood 6 drops 2x/wk. Zlith – 1.8 liters - 3on/3off

    Coral health
    Branching Hammer – polyps fairly retracted during the day/better ext at night/color remains a little dull but recovering slowly.
    A. Jacqueline – growing slowly, has changed from light brown to off-white, great polyp ext at night.
    Pink Mont Cap – growing slowly with good color
    Purple Rim/Green Mont – Growing slowly, color has slowly been returning after initial fading with start of zeo, still pale.
    Purple tipped branching stag – regained color (yea!) after browning out but growth is slow and sporadic.
    Green Mont Digitata – growing well, but it is still light brown
    Bird’s Nest – Healthy pink and growing slowly.
    Caulastrea – not growing but excellent polyp ext at night after initial polyp retraction with the start of zeo.

    I’m also down to 5 fish with feeding every other day until I get the nutrients down enough to warrant slow restocking.

    Lights 2 - 250W DE 10K Ushio (8 hrs/day) and 2 - 55W blue act T5’s (12 hrs/day)

    I started zeo in mid-Nov. 04

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    Hi Pikeman, your dosing seems good for your system, but you might try the next 6wks. w/o dosing any of the zeo-supplements, including Spur2. I would however, continue AAHC as above. At your stage with ZEOvit, sometimes less is more, Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      zeostar 2 overdose

      bubles in my tank an diatom in the sand and bleaching in my motipora i used .2ml zeostar2 daily and 2 drop amino and 2 back and food 2 time a wk my tank 75 gallon i not used iodine


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        Hi Efrain, yes, those are signs of zeo-excess, not just Start but also AAHC. How do your corals appear? What is your nutrient readings? If both are good, then I recommend continuing your current Bak/Food dosages, decreasing Start2 to .5ml once a day, daily & AAHC 2 drops once a wk. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"