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PO4 trend and zeostart dosage

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  • PO4 trend and zeostart dosage

    PO4 trend, only started using the hanna PO4 meter on 30th Nov, before that I was getting colorless reading with the salifert from early Sept (started zeovit) till end Nov.

    zeostart dosage

    We can see the zeostart dosage reducing as the nutrients level in the tank decreases.

    The most obvious drop is when I remove my DSB and with lower nutrients level the amount of zeostart needed is much reduced and able to keep the nutrients level very low.

    I've stopped dosing zeostart since 3 days ago and monitoring the PO4 levels carefully.
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    Greetings All !

    losmandy ... sweet documentation! ...

    When are ZEOvit media replacements taking place?

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      they are done once every 6 weeks.


      1. 7/9/04 (250ml)
      2. 7/10/04 (500ml)
      3. 23/10/04 (1litre)
      4. 20/11/04 (1 litre)
      5. 2/1/05 (1 litre)
      6. 14/2/05 (1.2 litres)
      7. 27/3/05 (1.2 litres)
      8. 8/5/05 (1.2 litres)
      9. 19/6/05 (1.5 litres)


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        Losmandy, your data is very usefull for analysing the effects of ZEOvit.

        I did not find data about your tank (volume ).

        What model of Hanna PO4 meter do you use ?
        What is the resolution and accuracy of this model ?

        I use the Salifert test to measure effects of ZEOstart2 on PO4 level.

        Before ZEOvit syszem ZEOstart2, ZEObak, ZEOfood7, Zeolite I had
        P04 = 0,03 ppm in my 130g tank
        I started with 0,2 ml ZEOstart per day
        2 weeks after start , P04 = 0,03 ppm
        increase to 0,4 ml ZEOstart per day
        4 weeks after start P04 = 0,03 ppm
        increase to 0,6 ml ZEOstart per day
        5 weeks after start P04 = 0,03 ppm


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          My net volume abouy 660 litres.

          Using the hanna Low Range PO4 colorimeter.
          Resolution 0.01 +/-0.04ppm.
          All test done 2-3times back-to-back for more accurate readings.

          Seems like your PO4 readings has not changed according to salifert test kit despite increasing the zeostart dosage. That was the very same problem I encountered with using the salifert test kit, not able to see the actual changes in the PO4 reading in the tank and hence prompted me to go for the colorimeter.


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            Losmandy interesting analysis. Do you "seed" your new zeolites from some "old"? Are you still using ZeoStart1? Or change-over ? If so, when? Did you remove your DSB in March? thnx. Bob
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              Sandbed removal starts on 20th May and completed on 23rd May.
              Still on zeostart1 has I've abt 80ml more to go :P
              I always seed the new zeolites with 5 pc of each size.


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                Thnx, why was Start1 increased in March? Remember, also it looks like you have compensated currently with increased dosage of the zeolites...your thoughts ? Bob
                "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                  Checking my log, when the PO4 reached 0.03ppm on 17th Feb, I started feeding the fishes 2-3x/day, after that I noticed the PO4 reading increasing toward late Feb so I increase the zeostart dosage to compensate for the increased feeding. All the while the tank is monitored for signs of overdose and necessary corrective actions taken as well.

                  My sandbed is quite thick (total about 220lbs of sand) and after removal of it, there is an increase in net volume of about 140 litres and I compensate it with an appropriate amount of zeolites during the next change out.
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                    Correction, the amount of sand removed was abt 200kg which makes it 400lbs.


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                      Losmandy, plz. keep this documentation logged & let's see how long your P04's stay stable w/o Start, thnx. Bob
                      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                        Will certainly do so.


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                          day 4 of stopping zeostart1 and PO4 still remain at 0.01ppm.


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                            bob, day 6 of stopping zeostart1 and PO4 remain at 0.01ppm.

                            zeo reactor currently at 3hrs interval, should I run it 24/7?

                            Also I start dosing stylo-pocci glow yesterday and today is day 2 and I am starting to see the pocci lightening up from the tips, I tried once when PO4 was at 0.06ppm with the DSB and didn't see any effects from the dosing at all. I guess you really have to get the PO4 really very low to see these zeo supplements' effects.


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                              Plz. continue all the same things[ie. cycling your reactor] while you hold Start2--just eliminates another variable. Bob
                              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"