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Major problem with tank

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  • Major problem with tank

    Please find attached thread:

    Can I increase dosage of zeostart2 and zeoback as the water quality is far from perfect?
    I've change zeolith yesterday, added new carbon. Dosing zeostart2 1ml twice a day, zeofood 2 drops/day and zeoback 4drops/day. Total volume is 700l.I've removed most dead corals, anemones, urchins and snails. Couldn't find any fish bodies. Tangs stays in one corner heads down most of the time? Is it an ammonia poison?

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    Marius, you're experience is a reefer's worst nightmare. Yes, there's nutrient toxicity, therefore, make a lg[50%] WC 2x's this wk. I assume you will in the end, lose all or most all of your corals. If you do, wait a month or more with the ZEOvit filtering so that nutrients are low before adding new specimens. I would not increase the zeo-dosing & the schedule you gave above is fine & will do the job gradually. Do replace the zeolites in 4wks. as they will be saturated more quickly due to pulling all those nutrients downward. With the next zeolite change-out[in 4wks] you will need to reduce the zeo-dosages by 50% to prevent excess. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Zeobac 4 drops a day?
      Is that a mis-print?

      EDIT - Cancel that comment, I see you just changed the rocks.