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  • Zeo in new tank...

    So, the water will actually be going into my tank tomorrow. I realized that since this is a brand new tank I will have no corals for the first couple of will I know if I am overdosing, underdosing, etc? It seems with everything I have been reading regarding zeovit many folks use their collection of sps corals as an indicator of how things are going on the dosing regiment they chose. Again, this is based on the notion that many people dose differently based on their personal tank, issues, needs, etc. When it is a brand new tank with a few fish and no corals what do you look for?? I figure testing for PO4 will be a start but what should I look for over the first 8 weeks in a tank with just fish, live rock, and maybe my Rose anemone after a month or so?

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    Hi Alicia, good luck with the new system Nothing changes here, ie., one still monitors the parameters, & nutrients, with the same visual cues for zeo-excess signs. The perfect dosages will take some tweaking, of course, but one strives for a clear, transparent bacterial layer that is not too thick on our panes. Greenish-brownish thick film indicates an excess of our zeo-dosages. In particular, a slime-accumulation, with or without air-bubbles on our rocks, sand, indicates Start2 needs to be reduced. Remember, once our corals encrust at the bases, Start2 can be increased, if nutrient levels increase. I push Start2 dosage until I notice a thick biofilm on the panes, Bob
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      Thanks Bob...that helps give me some other params to look for in the tank itself prior to adding much livestock.