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  • nutrient rich to zeo

    Whats the best way? I know that my tank is fairly nutrient rich (ok dirty!) At the moment i have a load of softies and a few fish, i am upgrading my lights, flow, and skimmer to start keeping sps. I cant cook my rock as would not have time and would kill the softies on there at the moment.Also obviously have other livestock that wouldnt appreciate the loss of the rock. I will be taking the rock out to place my faux bed in which will be in 2 pieces already cured (when i can work out what epoxy i need). My question is what is the best way to reduce the nutrients quickly? When i place the faux should i replace just some of the old water or can i replace it all? any further ideas welcome. if i didnt have livestock already and didnt have to wait weeks for it to cure i would put the faux straight on the bottom of the tank.

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    The best way to start on the right track is to do weekly water changes, add carbon 24/7 and change monthly, feed less, make sure lighting isnt over 9-10hrs a day for MH, dont add anymore fish yet, add more inverts such as shrimps, stars, etc to clean remains of fish food and fish poo. This will put you on the right track. If yoru tank is extremely dirty, i would start out fresh..but.. since you probably cant, then use a little old water.