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  • RTN at the tips

    Hi, today i discovered that one of my SPS is having rtn at the tips. Is this a sign of overdose or increase in zeovit reactor flow???

    This is my first zeovit changeout. I did according to the previous doses. Still ok for the SPS that period.

    I tried to increase the flow rate of the reactor a little. Do not know if this affects the rtn.

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    Hi Kamiru, your premise is one of the possiblities for tissue recession. An increase in flow from previously, especially in light of new, fresh zeolites will have an impact. Also, on the first exchange of stones[2nd cycle], the bak/food dosing is every other day for the 1st 2wks. not daily as in the beginning. If that be the case, hold your zeo-dosing for 5 days, then begin dosing 2x's/wk at 50% of your previos bak/food quantity. Remember, the recommended flow rate is 100gph/400l/h per ltr. zeolite that you are using. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"