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  • !!!!RTN!!!!

    Hi there everyone, I wonder if you can help me, I think one of my acro's has got rtn, I noticed towards the base, the tissue looks like it is almost falling off!! :crap:

    I also changed the bulbs a few weeks ago but have been very careful and have still not increased my MH light period to 8 hours it is only on 5.

    Just when I thought that everything was going perfect!!

    I am thinking that I should switch of the reactor and stop all dosing, is this right? I am waiting on my BAK but still have food should I still dose food?

    PH 8.2
    CA 430
    MG 1300
    SG 1025
    NI 0
    PH 0.1
    NO 0

    Please help thx!!!!

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    Christiaan, please tell me what you have dosed (not only zeo products) in the last 7 days and what is your systems net volume ?

    Is the affected coral a new one or is it a healthy coral which is in the tank for a longer period doing well ?

    Thanks, G.Alexander


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      the system is 100G, and the only real things are I dosed 5ml iodine about 2 weeks ago
      Other than that as I said I have run out of BAK and therefore have not done 3rd 10 week ZEO media change, and am dosing 3 drops food 2x a week.

      The coral is relatively new about 9 weeks old, and it did start to stn early on, in the low light area's.
      The tops are healthy with great PE and good colour.

      I have also noticed another acro at the top of the tank starting to lighten quite a bit on the one half of the crown, the other half is perfect, and there is a posillipora at the top of the tank that has also lost quite a bit of tissue, this happened when I changed bulbs and I thought it has bleached, so I reduced light period further and thought it would sort it self out.

      However the acro in question has tissue lose to the base and on the inner parts of the branches .,,, all low light area's?

      So not sure what is going on??????


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        Christiaan, I would expect it was the strong iodine dosage. Maybe lower your Food and Start quantity a little bit for the next two weeks but do not cut it totally down. Please also make sure the water flow through the reactor is correct. Do not use iodine for the next weeks until the coral recovered, than continuing with very small quantities if necessary (once or twice a week 2 drops. Please keep in mind, all the products are very high concentrated.



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          Ok great thanks so much for the help!!!!!