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    OK i have an established 30 gallon SPS tank and am looking to see if the zeovit system is right for me. On to the survey!

    1. Gross water volume is 40 gallons
    2. Net is ~30 gallons
    3. No calcium reactor (is there such a thing for a nano?) kalk used in topoff through osomolator.
    4. No PO4 reactor
    5. No Ozone
    6. No UV
    7. Euroreef CS6-1, rated at 100 gals
    8. Phosphate is typically undetected, Nitrate runs from 1-5 ppm
    9. Ca is 450, Alk is 14, No idea on Magnesium
    10. Barebottom, Grow macro in a barebottom fuge
    11. 250 DE Halide pendant with 4 month old Giesseman 20k bulb
    12. SPS dominated, few lps, zoos I couldn't kill
    13. Tissue color is good and dark, just not as vibrant as I want it to be
    14. Tank has been up and running in it's current state for close to a year, transferred material has been running for another year.
    15. I want to use the Zeovit system to increase growth and color
    16. No supplemental dosing except for kalk
    17. 40 pounds of liverock, 1/2 1 year old; 1/2 2 years old
    18. Algae in small tufts, not hair algae, bryopsis
    19. I had a bryopsis in my tank's earlier stages but have battled it down to almost nothing. A few patches refuse to be killed.
    20. Salifert Test Kit
    21. No present zeo dosing
    22. Salinity stays at 1.026, temperature from 79-80~, run carbon in the sump.

    Thanks guys and I look forward to your results. I guess the other main question is if there is a calcium reactor small enough to work on a 30 gallon aquarium and not be just total overkill.

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    Hi & welcome to Be sure to read the ZEOvit guide several times to digest the workings of the system.[Stickies at the top of this forum] With ZEOvit, one has parameters that mirror those of NSW, therefore, plz. slowly reduce your KH to the 7-8 level before beginning ZEOvit. Plz. obtain a Mg test kit & aim for a level >1200, perferably 1300-1350. Your Ca level is a bit hi but OK--aim for 420. The original Knop Ca Rx will serve your system perfectly. You may have trouble maintaining the macro as nutrient reduction takes place with ZEOvit method--just pull it out as it dies.. Once your parameters are inline, I recommend the following zeo-dosages:

    1) dose 1/3 Cup carbon, passively in a filter sock, in your sump, kneaded every other day & replaced monthly.
    2)dose 1/3ltr zeolites in a zeo-filter with a flow rate of 30gph. Cycle the filter "on" & "off" at 3hr. intervals. A simple "peg" timer does the trick. This promotes a balanced depletion of both the N03's/P04's. Clean pump the stones once or twice a day with 5-10 reps each time. The initial cycle with 1st time zeolites is 4wks, thereafter the interval change-out becomes 6wks.
    3)dose 1 drop Zeobak/ZeoFood7 daily for the 1st 2wks, then 1 drop each 2x's/wk. Dose these near the intake pump of your zeo-filter & turn off your skimmer for 60min after dosing these.
    4)dose ZeoStart2 .1ml 2x's/day daily.
    Ask questions now or anytime along the line, as there are many, helpful zeo-users who will be happy to answer your questions. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"