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  • white patches

    the last couple of days i have noticed some white/pale patches at the base of my 2 largest colonies. All others are fine and my levels seem good too although ca is a tad low. Any ideas? they are a fott to a foot and a half away from a seio 1100, could this be it do you think? Does anybody know what this sounds like?


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    It could be a number of things. Keep an eye on the patches and make sure it doesnt continue. If there is a lack of light, unstable & low water parameters, or just lack of husbandry, you corals will slowly disintegrate.


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      juppy, have you added any new corals recently? Could it be acro eating FW? I know this may be a bit pre-mature and extreme to bring up, but you never know...check out this thread:
      Fish eat poop....tastes just like chicken.


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        thanks guys, will keep an eye out. Will also look into those flatworms


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          I was going to ask the same thing as Gary. Also, I have heard of problems like this with low calcium so keep an eye on that as well.


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            i though about the calcium thing, i have been a bit slack lately with my testing and calcium additions., am waiting for a calcium reactor expected it a week ago. kept thinking, it will be here tomorrow, it still hasnt come. I need to buffer my levels up before dialling it in anyway so will sort that and then see what happens.

            cheers again


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              or possible strontium overdose? just a thought...

              new reactor then barry? thats you off my christmas card list


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                Juppy, have you taken a turkey baster and blasted the area where the white spots are? If not do so.. If you have acro eating FW's they will blow off. If you have them I would also recommend a couple 6 line wrasses aswell... Also I would take the colonies out and do a seachem reef dip and check for any eggs at the bases... I HOPE this is not the case... They can be handled but it may take some time...

                Peace, Jeff


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                  secondhand mate from mclaren on ur.

                  Back on then?


                  Will try that, cheers mate!