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  • Starting to come around

    Ok things are starting to look a little better since the bad ph drop.

    I have also switched from ro water to rodi. I have not done it in the past cause I did not want to pay the 1 doller a gallon for it. So I was getting ro water from a stand at the grocery store. Do you think this could be one of the reasons why it has been taking so long for me to see good results with my tank? Well I have been on the new water and have seen a little upside to it, but am not sure if it is that water or the ph being back in check.


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    Hi Tim, no question, RODI should be more beneficial to your reef than RO. pH swings like all parms need to be stable, so it's a indeterminant factor. Of course, as you drive your nutrients lower, coral color/growth will be enhanced. I'm glad you are going the extra-step to insure coral healthBob
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      There was a thread a while back on RC about store bought RO, some of it did not test that great, the suspicion was they put it through the RO, but never maintained the RO unit.