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New ZEOvit media: Korallen-Zucht... an attendance in Coburg with T Pohl

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  • New ZEOvit media: Korallen-Zucht... an attendance in Coburg with T Pohl

    Korallen breed... an attendance in Coburg in December 2004


    On the day exactly three years had passed since my first attendance with Thomas Pohl in Coburg. On a nice invitation of Thomas I took simply times again times the time around me the new business to look at into which it in the course of the yearly 2003 changed. As it also at that time already went only over the holidays me the job simply too much into breath had before held there. The Weihnachtszeit is now times our strongest time: -)
    It has itself nevertheless much done in the three years. That had again read me however only clearly as I the report at that time. Because it went at that time straight with the Zeovitmethode, it put loosely as it were for the Aquaristik in the child shoes. Thomas showed me everything at that time which it had so through tested, and I was at that time already overwhelmed from the beautiful colors of the Acroporakorallen. Surely today little Aquarianer cannot look back on a multicolored basin, but which Thomas in its plant has, looks for still for his same.

    Some animals from the plantplant plant in the new business.

    It shows clearly to which it it still well in the grasp has and which was not the Zeovitmehtode a eintagsfliege. However we do not have to write today over it, this method probably more much are now already longer, also over the borders of Germany, well-known. Since the Magna in 2004 in the USA is itself also a regular topic on the largest aquaristischen board... Reef cent ral. Who the Zeovitmethode yet does not know that is recommended an attendance with www.korallen There one can argue well over the topic of the method.

    One finds kleinpolypige Steinkorallen but also regularly very beautiful grosspolypige Steinkorallen with Thomas not only.

    Reliably it gives critic, gives it also here with each system. We have anyway in the years now the experience made it best are again and again if one to a thing hold ourselves, all the same whether it is now Zeovit, citizens of Berlin system, Jaubert or mud filter.
    In the following report we would like rather to point out which one for korallen find there: -) In order to write it perhaps times in such a way: from red over green to blue participate all colors.

    With my attendance I could see a whole basin of full giant shells, was indeed impressing those. However probably rather which for large basins, because those loosely already a 300 litre of basins fills out well. Naturally Thomas's had also small shells there.
    Well which I am to write, look nevertheless simply times the pictures themselves on..... More multicolored it goes hardly more, and the colors were none interpret more badly than two years before. Pictures say often more than thousand words.

    As at that time already naturally two basins were equipped with particularly beautiful korallenstoecken and folders... At that time there was to buy from it usually nothing it the nut/mother sticks was there, and they to only grow had. But one keeps special animals only in such a way there one never white whether such an animal comes oneself again.

    It was also this time an interesting and beautiful attendance. Like also otherwise adjusted themselves in the course of the day or other customer, two already knew I of it from other sea water meetings. And as like that is if Aquarianer meet, it geratscht which things hold. Thus the day passed as in the flight.
    An aquarium fully with almost exclusively multicolored Seriatoporas, in yellow, green and pink.
    This Pocci could not be photographed nearly cleverly, since she shone genuinly correctly out: -)
    Here again the Pocci with accompanying korallen. Here one sees the difference better!
    Logo has itself also otherwise much done too in former times. More waters, more consumer goods, simply more place was present. So one could do everything which regularly goes to immediately carry forward, the typical consumption products stop.
    The plant too in former times is nevertheless quite well along.....: -)
    Accessories.....gab it plentifully. Whether burner, coal, pumps Thomas has as well as everything there which one needs.
    Here one of the new polystyrene boxes (are somewhat smaller than the normal) is the special for private customers is meant. With Thomas many order your korallen over the InterNet, why it looked for a better possibility to accommodate some korallen in a crate reasonably.
    In the end me Thomas's showed his camp, and also equal the new business: You read correctly. The current business will will again move too small in such a way already again Thomas. But no concern the new shop is distant only 70 meters from the old: -) The large advantage is that Thomas's there no less than 1000 square meter meter of sales area zzgl. storage space to have (see following picture) above all the imported goods to China and America will require very much more storage space, in addition, the korallen demand their tribute. So in the spring it is to be so far.
    With the picture of a cardboard of full Zeovit we close sucked. "official" part of the attendance off. Me like always a joy Thomas was to be visited and with it over the newest trends to rubbishes. It makes me happy also that the Zeovitmethode now world-wide admittingness finds. Someone with the kind of animals sat down apart in such a way rarely like it. Even if always all do not get along with its kind so well, one must zollen it in things Acroporahaltung completely simply respect, he for the hobby SPS did much. Therefore I mean also that Thomas's it not at all necessary have, to other Aquarianer so violently to react if it times which over Zeovit or zeolite to write. I always say to everyone its, and the Zeovit well to work can know we nevertheless meanwhile to is sufficient: -) Meanwhile there are not straight few, above all very beautiful presenting basins. In order to call only some concise examples: Alexander ****, Nuernberg, Manfred Trusheim, Rennertehausen and Uwe Stoll, Stuttgart
    On the next side you find still some larger photographs of the plant.

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    Here's the 2002 old article on his visit:


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      Can you sum that up for me?


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        Originally posted by SeanCallan

        Can you sum that up for me?
        Easy, ZEOvit is blowing up!


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          Ok. Cause I saw some big words in there and I decided "not with a hangover" and thought I'd ask

          Whats that empty room all about?

          (I'll read it later)

          How did you manage 300+ posts already...


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            That empty room is new storage for Korallen Zucht as his Chinese and American clientelle has increased.


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              Well thats awesome then


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                This is where Gary will most likely visit this week! The new Korallen Zucht. Take pics gary!!


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                  That's looks good for now until we build ZEOvit U.S.A. in Columbus, IN Bob
                  "There might be something to this ZEOvit"