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Use of phosphate remover?

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  • Use of phosphate remover?

    1 month into Zeo, and most everything is going well. Only problem is increasing phosphates, with a subsequent cyano outbreak. When I started Zeo, my phosphates were immeasurable, now they have climbed to 0.1 on the same Salifert test kit. I also have a small, but increasing cyano patch on the 1" thick sandbed. I have read that a phosphate remover is not necessary, but will it disturb the Zeo process? I would like to bring the PO4 down. I believe the PO4 is coming out from my rockwork, as I feed very little, use RODI water, tested the output of my Ca reactor, have very wet skimmate, and do frequent water changes.

    Tank parameters:
    135g Oceanic RR
    750W of 15KK XDE bulbs with 200W of PC actinics
    Ca: 440
    KH: 9
    SG: 1.025
    Temp: 80F
    Mg: 1320
    PO4: 0.1 and rising
    NO: 0
    3 drops food/bak every 3 days
    .2ml Start2 in AM and PM

    Thanks for the input
    Dr. Joe

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    Yours is the same scenario as I experienced abt 2 months into zeovit. Was using PO4 remover all along and had PO4 undetectable until I started zeovit.
    PO4 was 0.22ppm and despite the higher PO4, there is no algae outbreak or cynao due to the high flow in my tank.

    I managed to slowly bring the PO4 down from 0.22ppm to 0.06ppm in about 3-4 months (without the use of PO4 remover) by increasing the dosage of zeostart slowly and observing for signs of overdose.

    A hanna PO4 colorimeter helps a lot for keeping track of the reduction of PO4 as I can see the PO4 reading gradually reducing as I go along hence giving me full confident of the product.

    Am 9 months into zeovit right now and PO4 is 0.03ppm measured few days ago. Zeostart1 dosage has dropped to 0.09ml/8x/day.
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      Thanks Losmandy. I have decided to not use a PO4 remover, and try to stay on course. I was looking for a technical answer as to why a PO4 remover would harm the Zeo system, but am content to wait it out. I have no doubt that Zeo is extracting phosphates buried in my rockwork. It will probably be a while till my setup is phosphate free. Thanks for the advice,


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        Joe, losmandy is correct, in that, if one experiences nutrient increases[assuming no increase in bioload/fish-feedings] that's a signal that your zeo-dosages are too low. Slowly increase Start, ie. .3ml 2x's/day for one wk & observe your readings. If no change, increase to .4ml 2x's/day, etc. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"