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  • please help (if there is any)

    tonight i was going for my biweekly dose of bak and food and the worst happened. back is always dosed last for me because i have to get it out of the fridge. i unscrew the lid and tap it against my canopy twice for my 2 drops except for tonight... some how the cap came off with the lid and i didnt notice. my guess is about a quarter to a half came out into the tank! am i doomed or is ther anything i can do? if you dose bak this way please keep this in mind i would hate for this to happen to someone else

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    dont worry, it doesnt hurt anything if you dose just once to much of bak, in fact quite a few had the same problem and nothing happen, only if you keep overdosing on a daily basis you will run in troubel but not if you OD just once, hold of with bak for a few days and resume with your regulare dosig after a few days,
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      Don't worry about it bro
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        not 100% sure but you should be ok
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