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3rd ZEOvit media change, please help

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  • 3rd ZEOvit media change, please help

    Hi there guy’s

    Ok, so it is time for my third ZEOvit media change please could you help me with my dosing?

    I have one concern however, I have no more ZEObak left and am waiting for the shipment to arrive; I am hoping that it is this week. I am on week 12 now and should have changed the media on week 10; however my reactor is a DIY and not the best so I thought that it would be ok to wait a little longer before the change out. (i am getting one of Madison’s reactor in the shipment)

    However it is now week 12 and I think I need to change the media now as some of the color (green tip on purple acro) is very slowly starting to fade back to purple.

    Should I rather wait for the Bak to arrive and the new reactor, or should I do the change now?

    If so what should my dosing now be?

    100g net water

    Current dosing:

    0.3 ml three times a day

    3 drops bak and food twice a week


    ALK 8
    MG 1200
    Ca 420
    Ni 0
    Pho 0.1
    SG 1025

    Generally the tank is looking fantastic and am very happy with all results, I still however have a very, very stubborn Humilis that is dark brown and just does not want to color up.

    Thanks So much for the help


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    IMHO, you should wait for the zeobac to arrive since it will be this week afterall. Changing out the rocks without innoculating with zeobac wont work i think, as the rocks will be devoid of the much needed bacteria that does the magic. Just continue running with the present rocks and dunt stop on zeofood and zeostart to fuel the bacterias growth. I am sure the rest will chime in if this is the wrong way to go..

    Setup: 250G System, ATI Powermodul 10x80w T5s, 4x6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Deltec PF1000 CR, Deltec AP902 Skimmer, IKS, Zeovit, Artica 1Hp Chiller


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      Christiaan, I would also wait until the shipment arrives. This is no problem because the material does not leach any nutrients back in the tank. The new filter will be a improvement. Two additional questions:

      Do you use ZeoStart or ZeoStart2 – if so which quantity in which dosing interval ?

      Have you ever used AAHC (Amino Acids) ?

      Thanks, G.Alexander


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        Originally posted by G.Alexander
        Two additional questions:

        Do you use ZeoStart or ZeoStart2 – if so which quantity in which dosing interval ?

        Have you ever used AAHC (Amino Acids) ?

        Thanks, G.Alexander
        Ok thanks Alexander and fkadir, will wait for goodies to come, just hope it is this week.

        I am using start1 at the moment, start2 is coming in shipment. @0.3ml 3 times a day.

        No not useing AAHC, that is also coming in the shipment along, with Spur and Fe

        Thanks So much for your help

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          Christiaan, if you further use ZeoStart I would recommend to use it as you did (0,3 ml / 3 x daily) as long as you do not notice the overdosing signs in this product. Please make sure to dose it on a daily basis.

          If you decide to give ZeoStart2 a try, the quantity has to be cut do. I would recommend to dose 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening to get a feeling. The overdosing signs are air bubbles on the rocks and accumulated brown slime. If you do not notice this signs with this dosage after about 2 weeks you slow can rise the quantity. Be careful, ZeoStart2 is much more concentrated.

          If you attach the new filter with the fresh zeolite, I would recommend to dose 2 drops ZeoBac and 2 drops ZeoFood every other day for the first 2 weeks. Than I recommend to dose 2 drops of both products once or twice a week until the next zeolite change.

          After attaching the new filter, please make sure to use the correct water flow through the material.

          3 drops AAHC daily should work fine. I normally dose AAHC while the dark period

          ZeoSpur2 should work fine, however I would give the corals more time before the usage.

          2 drops Fe once in the week should also work fine, but depends to the coloration.