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  • Using zeovit...

    My club members start to be interested in zeovit... :herz:

    and they asked me (cause I have used this for the first time and only one..)

    Through zeovit, whether Coral colors are changed like rainbow color, or

    they look better from original colors (more intense,more colorful)

    I can not express the question well but..

    Coral color can be changed from original color to other colorful color?
    when Using zeovit?
    (except know what I wanna say.. )

    For example,
    original color is all blue->using zeovit-> pink tip blue body :molepoke:

    In my case, I found My brown SPSs were changed to their own color but
    I am not sure they can be changed other colors


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    i thnk ZEOvit will only show the corals true color...if a coral doesnt have pink pigmentation, you cant turn it pink no matter what you do (unless its dyed)


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      Vince, a SPS corals (natural) colour is genetic defined so it is not able to change a blue coral for example to red. There are also corals which are not able to get any coloration except of brown. This is also genetic.

      Indeed it is possible to get a unnatural coloration for example in nutrient higher tanks with the addition of metal based trace elements. These are the dull corals, their tissue sometimes remember me to chocolate.



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        I have a handful of sps's that have changed colors i have some that were green that now are blue green purple and yellow its wild i love my kool aid
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