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yellow sps go brown and show a little green

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  • yellow sps go brown and show a little green

    yellow sps go brown and show a little green, some say it is too many nutrition (both NO3 and PO4 tested zero...ok i only use normal test kit), some say too much iodine turn yellow sps show a little green.....any suggestion.?

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    Don't quote me on this, and I am sure someone can answer better, but I think it has to do with iron, when yellow starts to show signs of green.



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      I really think its too high of nutrients. I had this problem before zeovit.. now, yellows are easy to keep and do not brown out.


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        Hi tree, are you adding iodine to your tank?
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          My yellows stay yellow, my blues stay blue. Both will darken if nutrients are too high, in spite of undetectable Salifert's. Maintaining coral colors as they come newly imported is a indirect definition of phase 3. You'll get there, just as Edward, Alexander, & many others with the ZEOvit method. That I can guarantee. Having said the above, too much Zeo-supplements also will darken our SPS, especially PIF/Fe & AAHC. Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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            thank you guys....yes I did add iodine but stop two months ago, mine is not an zeovit tank, but using zeo's trace element complex, zeolive and meerwasser komples concentrate.

            agree and also suspect that might be due to high nutritions, just started to use phosban and will try AZNO3 for PO4 and NO3 problem. zeovit would be my last resource due to the high running cost (personal view), let give it a couple months.....

            If nutritions level reduce will the browned become yellow again?


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              try to post a picture here ....pls notice that this is a month ago, now is much browner since starting the zeosupplement.
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                don't know how to post picture here :sad:


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                  thanks Alex :biggthump