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  • carbon filter socks

    What micron size is needed to hold the korralin zucht carbon. Would a 200 be ok or does it have to be smaller. The ones I have now seem to not be able to hold all the carbon particles. I bought it at a lfs and it didn't say the size so I picked up some 200's for the next change but they don't look much finer either. So what's the ideal size this carbon is pretty fine. Also do I need to test this carbon for po4's has anyone else done this, I think I read Thomas spent quite a long time finding the cleanest purest carbon. If there are po4's then should I soak the carbon in ro/di. Thanks Bob

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    200 is fine. You may have had problems with black particles coming out of your carbon before because you didn't rinse the carbon?
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      I think the bag I bought was slightly larger than 200. I'll try the 200 I just bought. Last time I put the carbon in the sock then rinsed it very well.