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3 hour on/off at start

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  • 3 hour on/off at start

    Is the 3 hour on/3 hour off schedule for the reactor something that you only do at the very beginning of your Zeovit process, or every time you replace your zeolites?

    Either way, how long before you go to a 24/7 schedule? I'm on day 8 altogether.

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    I've continued the 3/3 schedule throughout. Once your nutrient levels are reduced to ultra low you can run 24/7.

    I'm not pushing for the real low levels in my mixed system so I don't dose like most and it's easier for me to keep the reactor schedule as is. That reduces the number of variables when I'm calculating what to dose and when.

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      Hi, generally best results in nutrient lowering is by cycling the zeo-filter, however, it is not a must to do so. Cycling on & off can be discontinued when "stored" nutrients have been depleted, ie. around 4-8 mos, depending on the age of one's tank,LR, previous KW use, LS bottoms, etc. An early sign of nutrient depletion is visual cues of zeo-excess even though the zeo-quantities has been decreased Bob
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        this is news to me :pat: mine has been running nonstop since i started??? is this bad? ive had no problems,,,so far


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          Hi Ben, one can run the zeo-filter continuously, however, a more even reduction in both N's/P's occurs with cycling our filters on & off at 3hr. intervals with the use of a simple "peg" timer. Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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            Thanks, everyone. I'm a gadget geek, so I'll go ahead and let my state of the art $5 timer run forever so I can impress my friends with its technical marvels. Seriously, though, I'll keep it running.


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              so bob, being that i'm gonna be using ZEO in sump sock, no reactor, i would start up at 24/7??? is this safe? thanks.
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                Yeah its safe just that it help reduce the nutrients better in the begining stages of Zeo by doing the 3 on 3 off method
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