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Anyone use Zeolife??

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  • Anyone use Zeolife??

    Hi Just wondered if anyone used Zeolife and exactly what it does?
    Does it "speed up" the results of the Zeo method (reduce phosphates/nitrates) or just keep the water clearer, heres the official line from the Zeo site:


    NEW * ZEOLIFE 1000 ml = EUR 24,00 / 5000 ml = EUR 109,00 / 10000 ml = EUR 189,00 ZeoLive is a fluid filter medium. We created it to boost special metabolic procedures in the tank. It eliminates in biological ways yellowness, turbidity and if contentious used even duff, some nitrate and phosphate. In conjunction we recommend it also with the Zeovit system – especially by starting with this system. Dosage: 1000 ml is sufficient for 5000 liters. If you have acute problems with your tank the dosage can be doubled. Shake well before use.


    Thinking of investing in some if it helps reduce my phosphates (currently around 1ppm)



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    Hi Gary, I have not used it, but there are a couple of threads on this product, in which Alexander has commented on it's general use. I'm sorry but my computer skills do not allow me to link these for you. Maybe someone else can do this, or search zeolife.thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"