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My second 6 weeks

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  • My second 6 weeks

    Here is my second report. I should have my 3 one ready this weekend.

    My second 6 weeks

    This is my report of the 2nd 6-week period of using ZEOvit. The first 6 weeks report can be found here (My first 6 weeks) if you need to catch up.
    Again, this is taken from my notes (condensed version) that I kept over the weeks. I did push the changing of the ZEOvit’s for an additional 2 weeks just to see how far the reversal of changes that I thought were caused by using Zeo would go. I just can’t stop testing theories yet!

    (First week after changing ZEOvit)
    During the last three weeks of the first test, (last week of 6-week test plus two week push) I noticed that my corals that had lightened up were starting to darken back up. Some of the colors that had just started to brighten up, started to dull. I also noticed that my water was not as clear as it was at the start. After changing the ZEOvit and doing the recommended water change, the water cleared back up within a day. I also used a small hand full of old ZEOvit to seed the new; it was placed in the reactor first, with the new going on top. It’s funny that Tom Berry would mention water flow, I had an old Maxijet feeding my reactor that I know was only giving me about 50% of the recommended flow, so I installed a new Quiet one 1200 pump. Now I believe that I am getting the proper flow thru the ZEOvit. The reduced flow didn’t seem to cause any problems.
    Just a note: I changed the carbon, and this time I will be doing the water changes as recommended. I still have Cyano and some other algae that are driving me crazy! It just won’t go away.

    (Second week)
    Bumped my dosing to 1.5ml of Start, 6 drops of Bac, and 6 drops of food. Corals started to lighten back up to what they were in week 3-4 of my first test. One thing that is still happening (and never stopped) is growth. This is one of the changes that still impress me. I have been getting great growth on corals that just sat in my tank for months doing nothing. Took one of my SIEO’s and blew off all the rocks, still tons of junk coming from them. Yes, I did do a 10-gallon water change and kneed the carbon bag this week!

    (Third week)
    Not a whole lot of change from week two. The areas of growth on my corals are showing colors that they didn’t have or were very dull before. I have noticed that the one coral that bleached very badly due to my overheat problem, is darkening back up, (some corals are just meant to be brown) but the tips are a nice light blue. Still blowing junk and algae from the rocks. I am considering going BB now, as I don’t think my shallow sand bed is causing me more problems than good. Did a 10-gallon water change and kneed carbon bag. I was given some frags (6 of them, all brown) from a friend that wanted to see if they color up at all in a Zeo tank. It will be interesting to see what happens with these.

    (Forth week)
    I don’t know why I haven’t noticed, but my Cyano and other algae have been coming back a lot slower than before. My calcium reactor had a problem this week so it is off-line until I can get new media. Changed out the carbon this week with my water change. Still have phosphates showing up, they haven’t really gone down much, but my tank (I have learned over time) isn’t as clean as I thought it was.

    (Fifth week)
    Haven’t gotten my reactor online yet, but have supplemented Ca with Kent’s turbo calcium as needed. Have been blowing crud and Cyano off of my rocks every few days and noticed that the Cyano is now limited to my sand bed and rocks in the sand. Haven’t mentioned polyp extension much only because I have gotten used to seeing them out all the time. New frags starting to encrust the rocks they were glued to already. I did not do a water change this week due to a frag swap and holiday planning. Some of the frags I picked up at the swap are, a Cali blue tort, pink mili, Bali table, green birds nest, and a Shawn Bennett stag. It will be nice to see if these start to grow as fast as everything else.

    (Sixth week)
    Right on time, noticed that some of the corals are darkening up again, and that some of the new growth colors aren’t as bright. Finally got my Ca reactor online again. I noticed that with the new pump that I never had the Zeo reactor jam like before. Did a 10% water change, and for the big news, I have no more algae!! Cyano or other, even my glass has been clean. So far so good, I haven’t lost a single coral and no RTN.

    Well that’s the highlights from my notes, and I will post some pictures again hopefully tomorrow. I am considering removing my sand bed around the first of the year as I feel I am spending time and $$ pulling nutrients out of it instead of the rock and water.

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    Thnx. Ken, for the interesting dialogue/diary report thus far. You'll need to watch your coral tips for thinning & if this happens dial back just a bit, o/w stay straight ahead BTW, what salt are your using & can you give your presrnt tank parameters? Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      When you say dial back, are you talking about the amount of flow through the reactor?
      65 SPS
      2085gph Max Flow
      Current Pride and Joy-Red Sea Regal Angelfish

      ZEO - Phase 2


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        Nathan, good question & sorry for the confusion. I'm referring to his zeo-dosing only. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Bob, I haven't had any problems so far. I just wanted to move these threads from RC to here so I can continue posting my "diary" of Zeo usage.