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  • would this work?

    If I were to take a dosing pump and dose a two part with it would that work as well as a ca reactor as keeping the parametors in check. Or would a ca reactor still be better? To me they look like they would work the same and a dosing pump would be cheeper.


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    Tim, the problem with chronic use of 2-part additives in maintaining our parameters is elemental excess in a ever decreasing nutrient environment that we have with ZEOvit method. Once a Ca Rx is dialed-in with our saltmix, one can attain the stable parameters that are so necessary in our reefs w/o the excess elements adversely affecting the corals that is present in 2-partsBob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      bob u r saying something like bionic is no good for a zeo tank? i dose bionic. i would much rather have a ca reactor but, no room and just another thing that can go wrong and cause harm. i like the idea of maintaing my ca and ph levels w/ bionic though.
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        Hi, initially, when one 1st starts ZEOvit, the higher nutrients in our systems with the higher % of traces in BICB, do not adversely affect our corals to the degree that these built-up traces do as the nutrients become lower in time with ZEOvit. In other words, as nutrients become less, so to must "extra elements" to avoid coral consequences as darkening in color or actual TN. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"