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  • Question for Aged Salt

    Hello Mr. Salt,

    I am curious at what phosophate level you should start decreasing your Start level (I still use zeostart 1)?

    Also how much do you recommend lowering the dosage?

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    Hi Brad, our corals need P04's but, not at the level that I can test with Salifert's. Remember, our tests also can not detect organic nutrients. Alexander uses a Hanna P04 meter, & in his system, his corals do best at .02-.04. Higher levels, resulted in loss of optimim color. I have always used coral appearance, & visual excess cues to determine the zeo-doses. Brad, assuming no new livestock additions, die-off, LR additions, or increased feedings, one does need less zeo's the longer one is using ZEOvit, until phase 3, at which point a homestasis in dosing quantities is reached. Bob
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