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The time is tank run through.

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  • The time is tank run through.

    Tank specs:
    24''x24''x24'' Acrylic Cube, outside overflow.
    6 returns(2 bottom returns(CL), 4 backwall returns (2 CL, 2 Sump))
    2 CL intakes, lower center back wall (1.5'')

    Equipment Check list:
    OM 4-way for CL, custom drilled

    250w 14K RO III pendant

    Dart Sequence Pump (which is best for my amount of water?)

    ASM Skimmer, G2 or G3?

    CA Reactor (I need recommendations...)

    I want the sump to be roughly the same size as the cube, but how deep should I make it?

    I need as much input as possible on this new cube as this will be my first custom build.


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    I've tried my best to break it down into costs, now I need to determine which comes first.

    Custom Acrylic Cube - $250 (Thanks for the reference Fonda!)
    RO III + Bulb - $330
    Dart Pump - ~$200
    ASM Skimmer - ~$200 (I need to get a better quote on these)
    CA Reactor - $200
    LR 50lbs(to start) - $200 (I get cured cooked fiji for $4/lb)

    Without wood, PVC and all the other things I missed right now I'm at about : $1380.

    That sound about right or am I missing some large factor?


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      You are very welcome Sean. Glad it worked out for you! Also glad you'll be reefing again. Won't be much longer before I'll place my order for the 450 with him.


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        Yeah check this out for customer service. I requested a quote and he quoted me that, then he told me he would go ahead and build the tank, let me come see it, if I wanted one, he'd build me a new one.

        He is willing to build a tank, JUST so can look at it. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

        I'll still be a little futher into the summer before I get started, more like Sept. but I've landed quite a few contracts to the point I'm actually looking at hiring someone. Anyways, it's come down to the decision; Motorcycle or Fish tank. We'll see how that goes