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  • ro top off water

    does anyone add things to their ro top off water(reef buffer, etc.)to make the ph higher or for other reasons?

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    anyone there?


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      I personally don't.. I have a float valve hooked up to my sump that keeps the sump level constant.. My CA rx takes care of the rest of it...


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        The reason I ask is my ro water has a ph of about 6.7 and the ca rx has a ph of 6.5. With the constant addition of low ph water it seems the tanks ph would drop over time. I don't add anything now either. My ph stays the same 7.85 night 8.32 day. Is everyone else adding plain ro/di?


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          Plain old RO/DI for me.
          I think the RO/DI process normally delivers an end product of around 7.0 As it sits and CO2 enters it it may drop even further. With good circulation in the sump and display that excess CO2 should be "blown off" rather quick.
          Due to the low inonic strength of RO/DI don't expect your pH readings to even be correct.

          Also keep in mind it you do add something to buffer your top off you will be increasing the alkalinty and not the calcium, so at some point you will need to make a correction in calcium level. Anything you add to the top off to raise the pH will also raise alkalinity. If you still go that route you will need to make an adjusment to your CA/CO2 reactor to compensate for the extra alkalinty you are adding.

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