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[Q]When the zeostart1 is not enough...

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  • [Q]When the zeostart1 is not enough...

    Until 3 days ago, I had dosed 1ml zeostart1 (morning 0.4,evening 0.3,night 0.3)
    NO3,PO4 level was almost 0 with salifert, but there is some brown hairy algae in
    just right side back wall (not bottom,just back wall) so I tried to reduce the quantity of start1

    April 24th : dose 0.8ml (0.3 0.3 0.2)
    April 25th : dose 0.8ml (0.3 0.3 0.2)
    April 26th : dose 0.5ml (0.3 0.2)

    but In 25th April, I found there was something similar to diatom in bottom. of course
    still existed brown algae in back wall... and I think color of corals are a little

    so Today (27th) I will dose 1ml again.

    I think this(bottom) happened because of reducing start1
    If I reduce the start1, what would be happened? darkening corals? and
    other effect?

    If possible, I will take a pic of brown hairy algae in my back wall and wanna
    ask you what it is...


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    Hi Vince, too little Start1 can cause color darkening, increase in P04's & then more fuel source for nuisance algae. If 1.0ml Start1 did not result in your corals-tips being too light, or diatomaceous accumulates on your panes or LR[along the back, especially]but did not clear out the HA, I would recommend dosing 1.5ml Start1[.5ml 3x's/day] & observe for excess visual cues. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"