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Back out plan in case I don't like Zeovit results.

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  • Back out plan in case I don't like Zeovit results.

    Hey guys, I have been contemplating this for a while since seeing some of those incredable German tanks with T5.

    Currently tank is 58g that had VHO lighting and recently upgraded to T5. I am going to wait a little while longer for everything to get used to the lights before I start the zeo program. I have been a serious SPS lovers for years but had to take down my 320g / 2000W of MH lighting tank. I sold most all of by exotic SPS locally withing the club and would like to get some frags back of them and see what happens with just t5 lighting and zeovit program.

    However, just wanting to make sure that if for some reason zeovit I wanted to stop the program after some period of time How hard is that going to be and how risky?

    For example, with low nutrient levels beneficial bacteria in the LR I would imagine are severly reduced so if I stop using zeovit would I have a fear of a new tank type cycle starting and putting all livestock at risk. I would imagine it involved gradually reducing dosages over some time and not just quit cold turkey.

    I just want to be sure before I start this program I can get out safely without fear of a new tank cycle and loosing livestock.....

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    I would think that a slow weaning process would be in order. I have never heard of anyone wanting to quit the Zeo program once into phase 2 or 3. Personally I am at week 5 and have no desire, or thoughts of coming off the Zeo method. The changes are incredible.

    FWIW, JMO, IMHE, HTH and any other acronym I forgot.
    265 gallon SPS tank. Bubble King 300 Internal, MRC CR-6 Calc Reactor. 3 400 watt 20k Helios. 90 gallon Frag tank plumbed into main display.


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      I'm not saying I would but certainly want to have the option.......Call it the cautious side of me. Being a Database Admin by trade, you always need a back out plan.....
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        David, the germans are using the t5's but also using 250 DE's with 10k BLV bulbs.. I am sure you will keep sps with the t5's but I would think it would be hard to get the colors from the pics of the german tanks you are looking at on I may be wrong on that. I will def look foreword to your progress and your feelings on the t5's.. I am getting some t5's soon also to suppliment my 4 400 watt MH's...


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          I am sketical on just t5s too..... Having been a serious sps lover for years for with lots of 400W MH lighting myself, I won't believe it until I see it......But thinking if I use Acros that I have had kept for years and already familiar with the corals and the color potentials then I can evaluate the T5 pretty well. I took down the 320g tank during the summer because I was just too addicted, was a money pit trying to keep up with the Jones, and evaporating over 6g a day, it was rotting my house fron the inside out.....
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            T-5's will be interesting. To this point I'm not happy with the colors but I'm also sure I've not seen them all.
            I see no issue with stopping Zeo, while preparing to move my 200g system into a new 350g at another location I stopped dosing all components for at least three weeks and that included shutting off the reactor pump. Just starting up again in the new system and wish I hadn't waited so long. PO4's are off the chart. A lot of the water came from a LFS coral system with elevated levels already.


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              With the T5, I currently running 2 6ks, 1 Aquablue, and 2 VHO actinics. The Aquablue itself gives enough flouresce to the corals that I am going to ditch the actnics for 2 more Aquablues and maximize as much daylight bulbs as I can. Will have enough room to add 2 more T5s if necessary. Totally understand I can't match the hot spot intensity of a MH but do want to make sure I get as much daylight bang from the T5s.